June 08, 2023

We are proud to be part of the Bract Brewing Project, testing out experimental varieties grown by NZ Hops.

Pale Ale: the latest harvested NZ hop
After sell-outs for our last two Bract Project beers, we bring you NZH-105.
NZH-105 gives our growers an interesting option as the latest harvested hop. It won't be a big yielding variety for farmers but it fills a spot that nothing else is in, so it can extend harvest windows while still producing a sort after variety. It has a very unique character, I would almost say like a cross between Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka in the initial rub and smell tests. I have tasted a couple of beers with it and it has a ridiculously crisp up front taste.
- Brent McGlashen, Grower
We decided to trial NZH-105 in a single hopped American style Pale Ale. We kept the recipe simple to allow the hops to shine but used a slightly more expressive yeast than usual, to allow for more flavour play between the hops and esters. From rubbing the hops, the initial impression was big aromas of orange and passionfruit with a savoury dank note to follow. The bitterness feels soft, clean and crisp and the smell of the fermenting beer is fruity and dank. Very good first impressions and we look forward to using it more.
- Søren Eriksen, Brewer
5.5% ALC./VOL.
Online now! Single Cans, 6 Pack or 12 Pack.


First hop off the rank is NZH-101. NZ Hops Ltd
This new hop had a very apparent fresh hop "green" character before use in brewing. High in lemon/lime with hints of pine and minty freshness. Reminiscent of some US West Coast varieties such as those "catty" hops Simcoe and Citra. This rounded out to remind us of fresh Sauvignon Blanc character with good bittering potential for us beer producers! It has a lovely fresh hop character just like fresh hop season. Also in the mix with our Pilsner was Novalager from Lallemand Brewing. This trial hybrid lager strain is well-suited to hoppier, stronger lagers and pale ales where faster turnaround times might be required. However, we didn't skimp on the maturation time!
Cheers, Russell Erskine, Brewer
5.0% ALC./VOL.

NZH-102 is currently the highest oiled hop variety in the NZ Hop line up and those oils are very balanced. It has won several accolades already and I reckon that this hop will be a feature in many beers as a base hop. It can pull all sorts of flavours from other hops that haven't been achieved before.
- Brent McGlashen, Hop Grower
As with our previous release (NZH-101), the pellets displayed a very fresh character and nice putty-like consistency during the brew day, where we brewed a clean pale ale to allow the hops to shine as much as possible, while keeping it quenching and moreish!
- Russell Erskine, Brewer
5.5% ALC./VOL.