Relax, what’s the hurry?

It's time to turn down the tempo and enjoy a more chilled out brew.

We have crafted our LO-FI range with Lower Alcohol and Low Carbs to keep things leisurely. Never compromising on flavour, we have your back. LO-FI, keep it chill. 

The Evolution of Taste: Our journey began with a playful experiment, crafting a low-alcohol spin with last summer's twist on our beloved sour beers. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we were inspired to take it a step further. We took the vibrant spirit of our Lo Fi brew, dialled in the recipes and have now developed a refreshing, flavourful lower-alcohol delight.

Nutrition at a Glance: So delightful, we have two new LO-FI beers worthy of a permanent position in our key range, and at 98% carb free, they're ready to elevate your summer sipping experience. With the lower ABV, comes fewer calories per can - and brighter mornings.

Flavourful, Refreshing, Responsible: Lower alcohol content doesn't mean compromising on taste; that wouldn't be us. You'll appreciate the flavour profiles with these first LO-FI releases - with further styles to follow.

Nicely packaged up, have the 4 packs ready to grab and go.