Double Scoop Series

Double Scoop Series

June 27, 2022

Our Double Scoop project is a series of deliciously complex pastry stouts brewed with layers of REAL ingredients to unfold in your glass like a baked liquid delicacy. Here's what we've produced thus far.

Baklava -

Toasty hazelnut and almond are the main star of this dessert beer and are perfectly layered on a silky smooth milk stout base. Honey, orange and a mix of fragrant spices provide the sweetness and citrus that make Baklava so decadent.

Chocolate, Cherry Frangipane -

This Chocolate, Cherry, and Frangipane edition is layered with tones of velvety chocolate, sweet yet tart cherry, classic Frangipane almond and a touch of vanilla. It all melts together for a double helping of a silky stouty treat. Hold the sprinkles.

Salted Caramel Cinnamon Swirl -

Layered with tonnes of velvety chocolate, sticky salted caramel, warming cinnamon, and a touch of vanilla - need we say more?

If we've stock of the latest Double Scoop beer you'll find it in our Limited/Seasonal beers