Bract Project NZH-110 - Pale Ale 5.5% - 440ml Cans


440ml Cans

5.5% ALC./VOL.

We are proud to be part of the Bract Brewing Project, testing out experimental varieties grown by NZ Hops.

NZH-110 is bound to be in for some sisterly rivalry with NZH-106. Both excelled in their brewing and sensory scores. With a unique almost golf ball shaped cone, it holds onto its goodies tightly right in close to the strig (the core of the hop cone, let's say it's spine). Agronomically a late riser out of bed, but really steps up her game as we go later into summer.
- Brent McGlashen, Hop Grower

NZH-110 is another promising hop from the Bract project. The initial rub reveals intense typical New Zealand hop aromas of passionfruit, orange, lime and white grapes. In the beer this translates to sweet juicy flavours with a gentle bitterness to firm things up. As with NZH-106 this is also in the lineage with the world famous Riwaka and it shows; so far we are very impressed.
- Søren Eriksen, Head Brewer

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