LO-FI - Low Carb Raspberry Sour 2.5% - 330ml Cans 4 Pack

4 x 330ml Cans
2.5% ALC./VOL

Relax, what’s the hurry? It's time to turn down the tempo and enjoy a more chilled out brew. We have crafted our LO-FI range with Lower Alcohol and Low Carbs to keep things leisurely. Never compromising on flavour, we have your back. LO-FI, keep it chill.

LO-FI Raspberry Sour Ale is a delightful balance of raspberry sweetness and tartness, offering a flavourful, refreshing experience. With its vibrant appearance, refreshing aroma, it's a perfect choice for those seeking an interesting low-alcohol brew.

Also in the LO-FI range - LO-FI LOW CARB PALE ALE

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