October 04, 2022

A series where we pause on our latest creations - new world IPAs, sours and pastry stouts - and take the time to celebrate the old world styles, at a time where beer was very regional. We're excited at our plans for where this series is going to take us!

Our latest, and fourth beer in the new Brave Old World series, is a Scotch Ale, inspired by the rich, malty brews that emerged from Scotland in the 1800's. This deep copper ale was brewed with a complex malt bill, including plenty of Crystal and Cara malts and fermented with a British ale yeast. This is a very malt-forward beer, with plenty of caramel sweetness, and notes of toffee and raisin.
6.5% ALC./VOL.
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The first Brave Old World beer is an English Imperial Stout inspired by the original style brewed in London. These extra-strength stouts were originally brewed for export, and the elevated alcohol content not only catered to export market tastes, but helped extend the shelf life of these well-travelled ales.
It's a thick, viscous brew with lots of chocolate and coffee flavours from the English malt, and subtle fruity esters from the English Ale Yeast compliment the slightly sweet finish and warming alcohol. Perfect for the colder weather and also great to cellar for a few more winters.
9.5% ALC./VOL

The second beer in our Brave Old World Series, is a Burton IPA - inspired by some of the original hoppy ales brewed in Burton-on-Trent in the 19th Century.
Brewed with English malts and hops, and fermented with an English Ale yeast, this amber coloured IPA is generously hopped with East Kent Goldings. Crystal Malts provide a sweet malty backbone that beautifully balances the pronounced bitterness.
6.0% ALC./VOL

The third beer in the series, takes us to Munich! An Oktoberfest Lager, inspired by the classic lager from Munich that takes its name from the famous festival.
This amber-gold lager is brewed with all German malts, hops and yeast and has been traditionally lagered. With a soft, bready body, and a delicate lashing of hops for a crisp finish, this is one super delicious, drinkable beer. Prost!
5.6% ALC./VOL