Baddest Beer!

Baddest Beer!

May 05, 2017

Check out this post from Michael Donaldson on Beer Nation...

8 wired, Bumaye, Imperial Stoutexcerpt - "Brewer Soren Eriksen describes Bumaye as the “baddest” beer he’s brewed. It’s a barrel-aged imperial stout that packs an Ali-esqe punch of 16 per cent ABV. But it also has Ali’s “float like butterfly” silkiness as it glides smoothly across your palate.

Bumaye is made to be shared, and not just because of its heavyweight alcohol level. The flavour is just intense and even a 330ml bottle could be too much of a sensory overload. Aged for three years in pinot noir barrels, Bumaye is built on layers complexity that feature chocolate, stewed fruits, a savoury note that resembles sweet soy sauce, some tannins, vanilla, and a concentrated spiciness with echoes of cinnamon or all spice.

All of which makes it an impossible beer to drink in a hurry."

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