Taste of 8 Wired - Gift of Deliveries for 3 Months (fixed term, 1 charge)

3x deliveries of the goods paid up in advance (one total payment of $225)! Surely they'll love that?

Choose your base box "sixer" option. 

Images show the hand picked selection of seasonal/limited beers included in our APRIL 2024 delivery. Includes our latest new releases, such as Amplifire - a collab beer with Clayton Hops, "amplified" with Hop Oils - alongside 8 Wired all time favourite, Mahu. 

- 2x Amplifire - Hop Oil West Coast Pale Ale  - 440ml - 5.6% ALC./VOL
- 2x Cloud Tripper - Hazy IPA - 440ml - 7% ALC./VOL
- 2x Pineapple & Habanero Hippy - Sour - 440ml - 4% ALC./VOL
- 1x Mahu - Lager - 440ml - 4.5% ALC./VOL

Use your email address - but ensure the shipping name/address is the recipient's, not yours! We will then email you a gift note you can print to pop in a card, or forward on via email to the recipient.

Boxes are sent out in the first week of every month. 

There's no need to cancel anything, it's one fixed charge, for the 3x deliveries.

So what's your base box to be?