Hopwired Pacific Sunrise Edition - 440ml Cans 6 PACK

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6x 44ml Cans

7.3% ALC./VOL

Once upon a time there was a world famous New Zealand hop breeder who developed two new hop varieties. The breeder thought both the hops were delicious and exciting and showed the hops to the brewers of the day.

One of the hops was embraced by the NZ brewing scene who put it to good use and this hop went on to achieve worldwide fame. This hop was Nelson Sauvin.

The other hop, Pacific Sunrise, was passed over by the brewers that fateful day, and it was locked away in the tallest tower in the Kingdom where it lived unloved until a hero emerged many years later and rescued it. This hero was Hop Revolution and we can now all enjoy the wonders of this forgotten hop.
Hopwired has always been brewed with a heavy dose of Nelson Sauvin, but we thought it would be fun to swap this for it's long lost sibling. If the dice had fallen in a different way back then, Pacific Sunrise would likely have been the star of the NZ hop industry and would most likely have been the dominant hop in trail blazing IPAs, like Hopwired.