Celery Salt Hippy - 440ml Cans 6 Pack


6 x 440ml Cans

4.0% ALC./VOL

You know we're always up for fresh new flavours - and the folk at Beervana told us this latest new canned release was certainly one worth sampling, in fact it's rather delicious.
"This is a stand out. I love the delicate salt wash. Kinda like swimming in my mouthwithout the sunburn!"

"Beer of the festival? This salty, umami sour deliciousness of a Berliner Weisse"

"Savoury *and* refreshing!"

"It tastes like when I lick my lips after a walk on a beach. The salt is present but subtle. Well balanced."

Refreshingly sour & dry hopped. Very fruity, almost zesty. Naturally soured by live cultures and balanced with subtle savory notes of celery and salt. A wildly interesting flavour experience.