8 Wired Brew Haiku

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Brew Haiku


How to write a brew Haiku

Follow the line and syllable structure of a haiku. Haikus follow a strict form: three lines, with a 5-7-5 syllable structure. That means the first line will have five syllables, the second line will have seven syllables, and the last line will have five syllables.

- The poem will have a total of seventeen syllables. To count syllables in a word you can use this online tool: http://syllablecounter.org/

- A haiku does not have to rhyme or follow a certain rhythm as long as it adheres to the syllable count.


Describe the subject (mmmm beer) with sensory detail. Haikus are meant to give the reader a brief sense of the subject using the senses. Think about how beer and brewing smells, feels, sounds, tastes, and looks. Describe it using your senses so it comes alive and feels powerful on the page

- For example, you may write about the “musky scent of the pine needles” or the “bitter taste of the morning air.”

More Tips

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