Bract Project NZH-106 - Pilsner 5% - 440ml Cans

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440ml Cans

5% ALC./VOL.

We are proud to be part of the Bract Brewing Project, testing out experimental varieties grown by NZ Hops.

You know when some kids Mum or Dad are a famous athlete, musician or high powered business person and the expectations of that kid to be equal or maybe even better is so high. Well NZH-106 Mother is Riwaka! But for NZH-106, she has been fast tracked for her own merits right from the get go. Agronomically a standout beauty amongst the early harvest window varieties. Beautiful hop frame, hop cone structure, aroma and excellent machine harvester. She is more than just kicking goals and now into the finals, how does she come out in the brew? You be the Judge and don't be shy to try her alongside a Riwaka brew.
- Brent McGlashen, Hop Grower

On first impression, this is a very exciting hop! The first rub leaves a sticky residue on the hands, it feels very oily which is what we like. Delivering traditional New Zealand aromas of passionfruit, oranges, and other tropical fruits but taken up a notch in intensity to reach a new level. It's super fruity with a nice dose of dankness to boot. We think this will be equally good in Pale Ales and IPAs but for this first trial we have chosen to make a clean pilsner, so we can really see the detailed quality of this future rock star!
- Søren Eriksen, Head Brewer

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