Wild Feijoa 2014

Later this month, in conjunction with the Brewers Guild Awards, we will release one of my favourite yearly seasonals, Wild Feijoa. This is the 2014 vintage, which actually means that the beer was brewed and put in barrels in 2013, while the feijoas were added in 2014. As such, the vintage indicates the harvest of the fruit, rather than the brewing of the beer. 


Anyway, it is a special beer, one we take great pride and care in brewing. We start out by brewing a pretty simple pale beer. We then ferment and age it in barrels with various bug for about a year ad then we add the feijoas. The fejioas are simply cut in half (cutting 800 kg of fruit is a great team building experience!), then pushed through the bunghole of the barrel, skin and all. Depending on how the ferment goes, we plan on leaving the fruit in the barrel for about a year, then we draw the beer of the fruit, blend the barrels and bottle it. The beer is unfiltered and bottle conditioned so some sediment will remain.


Being a “vintage” beer, every year will be a little different. 2013 was 9.5% and quite full bodied and complex. This vintage is 7.5% and more dry and crisp with a cleaner sourness.


As last year, the availability is limited, we only have 1200 litres to service our world wide markets. Next year we will have more as we are scaling up the production of this, as well as our other barrel aged sour beers. On that note, it’s worth mentioning that the next beer in the sour range will be bottled this coming month as well. “Sour Side of the Moon” is a dark barrel aged sour ale which can best be described as a Flanders style Black Ale, not that that is an actual style…