What's happening in the barrels....

Our sour beer programme continues to develop well. After 4 years of brewing sour beers and 2 years of stock piling hundreds of barrels of these, many, if not most of the barrels are getting close to maturation and it is simply a matter for Jason and I to taste our way through the repertoire and decide what to blend and bottle. Last years vintage of Wild Feijoa has been bottled and is merely awaiting labels (and enough bottle conditioning) to be released. After that we plan to do a bottle run of Sour side of the Moon, a beer that can best be described as a Flanders Black Ale.

On the sour side of things, it is worth repeating that we now have 7 foedres (large oak vats). We used two of these to ferment the biggest beer we have made in our new brewery, the imperial stout "Batch 2.18" but haven't used them for sour beer yet, we will start doing this when the weather warms up a little.

Batch 2.18 is somewhat a remake of our original "Batch 18", brewed in 2010. Back then we fermented in stainless steel and then aged the beer in American oak barrels. This time we kind of reversed the process and fermented the beer in open oak vats (foedres), then transferred it back into stainless for extended maturation on oak staves and vanilla beans. After 2 months, the beer is almost ready to bottle.

We will have a good selection of these beers on tap at Beervana in two weeks, including 4-5 sours and Batch 2.18. Hope to see you all there!