Retired Brews

We like to experiment and will from time to time make one off keg only releases, once they are gone they are gone. So we have created this page to remind you (and us for that matter) of the ones that have gone before. If it brings back memories you wish to relive, be sure to get in touch, and you never know, we may revive one or two.


A tart, dry and oaky cider. Brewed for us by Zeffer Brewing Co.
Made from New Zealand grown Sturmer Pippin and traditional cider apples. After pressing

Batch 18

We always wanted to do something unique for our 8th batch but it came around so fast that we had to meet demand for our existing beers.

Black Dwarf

A mongrel of styles stout: The malt bill is like a sweet stout. The hops resemble a hoppy NZ pale ale. Fermented with a Belgian yeast strain and dry-beaned with CRP "Accelerator" coffee.

Rescue Red Ale

Our first collaboration brew with our close friends Renaissance and Yeastie Boys.


Chances are that this is unlike any brown ale you have ever tasted: it's malty, hoppy, roasty, flavoursome and refreshing.

Red Dwarf

Keg only release from 8 Wired Brewing. Ruby red in colour, hopped at 10g/L with NZ Pacific Jade, Cascade and Motueka.

The Sultan

Originally named The Sultan of Swing, I have brewed this beer every year since I started home brewing.


How low can we go and still maintain big flavour? This is an experimental keg-only release, brewed to explore if it is possible to provide big flavour without the alcoholic kick of most our beers.


HayWired is our take on a refreshing summer beer. It is brewed with 50% wheat malt, but is no Belgian Wit or German Hefeweizen. It's something a bit different.

Batch 31

A barrel aged imperial stout made exclusively for our American importer, Shelton Brothers, who missed out on our first celebratory brew, Batch 18.