Our Brews

Our beer is inspired by the legendary Kiwi can-do mentality and fellow craft brewers who have dared to challenge the masses and show us all that beer is no longer “just beer”!  Expect unique brews, expect ingenuity in flavour.


Beware, this is a BIG beer. Brimming with luscious roasted coffee and chocolate malt flavours which are balanced by a brisk bitterness and bold freshness from the hops.

Grand Cru 2011

Grand Cru 2011 started out as The Sultan.


HayWired is our take on a refreshing summer beer. It is brewed with 50% wheat malt, but is no Belgian Wit or German Hefeweizen. It's something a bit different.

Saeson (Chardonnay Barrel and Brettanomyces Aged)

A saison brewed to what I would expect old world ales to have tasted like, with a new world hop twist.


IPAs are great but sometimes you just don't want the amount of alcohol that comes with most of the good ones. In this spirit we brewed Semiconductor.

Tall Poppy

This is an ale that is not afraid of standing tall among other great beers. The intense, sharp and fruity hoppiness is backed by its complex, caramel-like malty structure. Big, yet refreshing.


Chances are that this is unlike any brown ale you have ever tasted: it's malty, hoppy, roasty, flavoursome and refreshing.

The Big Smoke

We’ve taken our best porter recipe and added a good measure of that same Bamberg Rauchmalz. The smoke mingles beautifully with the rich, dark roasted chocolate flavours of the porter without being overpowering


A tart, dry and oaky cider. Brewed for us by Zeffer Brewing Co.
Made from New Zealand grown Sturmer Pippin and traditional cider apples. After pressing


"How far can we take it?" This is a question I find myself asking rahter often. The conception of BUMAYE was one of those moments.

Hopwired IPA

We're pretty sure HopWired is the first bottled new world India Pale Ale made with NZ grown pale ale malt and 100% unique NZ hops

Saison Sauvin

Saisons have been around for ages. Traditionally brewed by Belgian and French farmers to provide refreshment during harvest.

Fresh HopWired

A fresh (wet hopped) version of our flagship IPA, HopWired. Brewed to the same recipe but with fresh hop cones straight from the vine. Needless to say this is a very limited release.

Mighty Imperial Ale

My idea of a strong ale was brewed with loads of malt, hops, jaggery and a touch of manuka smoke.



Bone dry and ultra hoppy Double IPA. Brewed with 80% more hops than our already extremely hoppy HopWired IPA.