What's in the name - 8 Wired Brewing?

For all you Non Zealanders, No 8 Wire (it was the 8th type of wire in the catalogue) is a specific gauge of wire originally used for electric fencing. In New Zealand it's use is much more widespread than that though, Kiwi's have used it to fix just about anything, from cupboards to cars, because it was versatile and readily available. Over the years it has become a symbol of the kiwi ingenuity, their ability to fix any problem no matter how limited the resources.

“8 Wired”, as opposed to the more traditional term “No 8 wire”, is to symbolize that our beer is not old school Kiwi draught, kiwi lager and kiwi dark, in fact it is the exact opposite. Still, we're keeping it as Kiwi as we can through the ingredients we choose to use, without ever compromising on quality of course.